eBay Drop Shipping Business

eBay Dropshipping business

Dealing with the Two Major Tensions in eBay Drop Shipping Business


Dangerous: the perfect word to describe eBay drop shipping business. Many sellers ended on the pitfalls of drop shipping simply because they weren’t able to handle the pressure between eBay and the drop shipping business model. These two poses the biggest concern to online sellers on eBay because they comprise the major areas in selling. The eBay Drop Shipping Business can be a very profitable business model if managed well, but if not, it can pull you down and put your business in danger.

Here are the two concerns in eBay Drop Shipping Business:

-Maintaining good feedback and fulfillment times in line with the policies of eBay:

While it is inevitable to experience problems in drop shipping, maintaining good feedback and fulfillment times in accordance to eBay policies is a factor that concerns most eBay Drop Shippers. Fulfillment is part of the whole process of online buy-and-sell that happens outside the actual scenario of retail sales. This involves product storage, packaging when the product is sold, and the shipping process. The conflict occurs during fulfillment times.

In eBay drop shipping business, your buyer sees you as the seller, but in reality, you’re acting as a front runner for the real seller of the merchandise. However, you are still responsible for fulfillment times in the same way as the supplier. Besides, you have to keep good feedback so you can continue selling on eBay. If fulfillment is unsuccessful, the customer might be disappointed and that would mean negative feedback to you. In turn, it may lead to the downfall in your drop shipping business on eBay.


Keep a line of communication with your supplier. This will keep you posted on the current status of the product. Whether that is availability or shipment, you have to be well aware of the status of the product. When listing products, you have to be honest and put the reasonable fulfillment time so as to set the expectation of the client. When problems arise, always take responsibility and do not put the blame on your supplier, stock availability, bad internet connection, or the Earth’s gravity. Remember to also get the feedback of the costumer regarding the product and the fulfillment time.

-You need to fulfill quickly and stick with the price to which your product was sold:

eBay has auction listings, and most the time, sellers use this listing because they think that they can have higher profit when the bids go higher. However, there are times when the final auction amount is even lower than the original price of the product. Although that is quite frustrating, the seller must stick to that price, along with other fees and return fees if it happens that the customer will return the merchandise.


If you’re not confident about the product and you don’t want to assume the risk of using auction listings, then choose the Buy it now listing to be safe. You don’t want to end up wasting your time and spending for the product that ought to generate a profit for you.

These major concerns greatly affect eBay Drop Shipping business. It can make or break your business. If handled well, it can make your drop shipping business a booming success. If not, it will lead to bad sales. Worst of them all: goodbye eBay drop shipping business.


eBay Dropshipping business


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