Drop Shipping Business

drop shipping business

Drop Shipping Business: A No or a Go?


It’s no mystery why the drop shipping business is the trending chain process in the world of trading today. It earns you quick money, and it saves you time. If you are tempted to venture into this type business, but quite unsure about the risks, then enlighten your mind about its benefits and detriments. Afterwards, decide if this is a go or a big no for you.


Profit minus the legwork. Your role in the drop shipping business is a middleman. All you need to do is to post an ad to sell the product. Once a paying customer buys the item, you give the order to the supplier, and the supplier gets to ship the product straight to the customer. Where’s your profit? The difference between the original price and the amount paid by your buyer is yours. Yes, you get all the profit without the hassle of shipping the product personally. See; no sweat at all!

Inventory is not a problem. There’s no need to use space in your house or a storage area to put your stocks. Inventory is not a requirement in the drop shipping business because all the products are fresh from your supplier or wholesale company. This saves you the stress of paying for an up-front store for the goods.

Variety of products to decide on. As a retailer, nothing is more pleasurable than the ability to sell different types of merchandise buyers can choose from. It will help generate more revenues for you because costumers will anticipate and return to what other products you have in store for them.

Its all done online.  This is the genius part about drop shipping business. You can buy, sell, and make a profit online. Being an IT expert is not a requirement here; just the basic knowledge about posting photos and letting people see it. So you’ll be fine; plus, you can do all this in the comfort of your own home.


Out of stock. This will be your three dreaded words in the drop shipping business. Since the products are not on hand, you can’t do anything if your supplier runs out of stock. Nothing is more stressful than unavailable merchandise that has been paid by the client.

Product returns.  In any kind of business, the possibility that a customer will return the product is not low. Further, some wholesale companies will hold you accountable for the return fees when there is any, so better settle this beforehand.

Issues with suppliers. Shipping methods, product quality, and customer service matters to you. Since you are relying on your supplier, their mistake or poor service would tantamount to a negative feedback on you.

Heating competition. The online market is vast. There might be other online sellers who sell better products at lower prices.

Even though there are red lights about drop shipping business that may leave you doubtful, it is still good to note that the revenue this business can give is undeniably good. After all, it is also the reason why retailers are into it. Bear in mind that the key to succeeding in the drop shipping business are two things: finding the right supplier and having the right attitude. Once you have these two, the downsides can be very minimal and you’re good to go.


drop shipping business


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